What makes our products different?

Vibe CBD Greenfields offers a CBD isolate oil which is high in purity, is consistent, stable, easy to handle and within South African Legislative requirements. 

By keeping within the South African Legislative requirements, Vibe CBD Greenfields ensures that the Client does not break the law by making use of a product not within legislative requirement.

Our CBD isolate oil is more than the normal CBD oil.  Our CBD oil has been upgraded with activated oxygen which means that not only does our oil have all the benefits of CBD but includes the benefits of ozonated oil.

What are the benefits of Ozonated Oil

  • Detoxification - removes toxins from the body bactericidal

  • Bactericide - ozone contributes to the destruction of viruses

  • Virucidal and fungicide oxygenation - significantly increases the oxygen supply of tissue is removed anoxia

  • Immunomodulatory - strengthens the immune system, improves the body's defense against harmful factors

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Increase metabolism - accelerated energy processes in cells is more rapid and qualitative metabolism of nutrients analgesic

  • Regenerative - increased resilience of the skin and mucosa.

How will Ozonated oil react with my body?

Ozone is totally neutral to the human body, and  it does not modify pH, irritate skin or mucous membranes, damage hair or clothing, interact with drugs, or cause allergic reactions.