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There is quite a generous amount of articles and blogs available explaining the benefits of CBD oil, however, Vibe CBD Greenfields will keep the jargon to a minimum by keeping to the most important question:  What is this craze all about?

CBD Oil is a non-toxic, non-intoxicating medicinal powerhouse.  By interacting with the brain's signaling systems, CBD may be helpful with, including but not limited to:

  • Relief from stress

  • Pain

  • Digestive upset

  • Insomnia

  • Protect your body from neurodegenerative diseases

  • Acne

  • Anti-inflammatory


Stay within legal limits.  Only use a maximum of 20 mg CBD per day.
Ensure compliance by requesting the CoA from retailers to verify CBD potency.
Vibe CBD Greenfields'
e-CoA is available on all packaging. 
Simply scan and voila!

Cannabidiol (CBD) is listed as a Schedule 4 substance, however, certain CBD-containing preparations have been excluded from the operation of the schedules by the Minister of Health for a time-limited period, as per an exclusion notice (R.756) published in Government Gazette No. 42477 on 23 May 2019.

CBD-containing preparations for medicinal use are excluded when they contain a maximum daily dose of 20mg of CBD with an accepted low-risk claim or health claims, without referring to any specific disease.

Any CBD-containing products that are outside the parameters of the exclusion notice are subject to the provisions of the Schedules and registration as a medicine.


Vibe CBD Greenfields complies with the requirements made by the Department of Health by only manufacturing products that conforms to the prescribed maximum dosages allowed. 

CBD Strengths and Volumes explained (MG & ML)

Cost per dose is a major factor to consider before purchasing CBD oil. Even though highly concentrated products might be more expensive outright, they often offer a greater value over the life of the product.  Before you purchase a product, determine if the concentration saves you money in the long-run.


For instance, a 10ml bottle of CBD Oil which has 1000mg stated on the label, and a 10ml bottle which has 2000mg have different strengths and longlifity.

  • 10ml, 550mg for R487.50 will deliver 2,75mg CBD per drop and will last for 56* servings (28 days)

  • 10ml, 1000mg for R787.50 will deliver 5mg CBD per drop and will last for 100* servings (50 days)

  • 10ml, 2000mg for R1050.00 will deliver 10mg CBD per drop and will last for 200* servings (100 days)

The 10ml, 550mg and 1000mg is less expensive than the 2000mg, however the 2000mg will last you 50 days longer than the 550mg and the 1000mg, giving you a saving of up to 25%.

*Calculations based on maximum presdribed by the Department of Health.


Buy CBD Isolate Oil Online

CBD Isolate Ozonated

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Drops

5.5% CBD Isolate Ozonated
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
was R650.00
now R487.50
10% CBD Isolate Ozonated
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 000mg
was R1 050.00
now R788.00
20% CBD Isolate Ozonated
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 000mg
was R1 400.00
now R1 050.00


The 3rd party lab used by CBD Greenfields employs current, state of the art analytical instrumentation to ensure quality of service in the South African market. They employ weekly, monthly and yearly calibration on all their equipment.  Partnered with Global leaders in analytical instrumentation our clients can rest assured they receive the best.   


CBD isolate is pure CBD. It doesn’t contain additional compounds from the plant it was extracted from.

CBD isolate typically comes from hemp plants. Hemp-based CBD isolates shouldn’t contain THC.

no side effects

CBD is non-psychoactive and its side effects are minimal, if any. Any side effects of CBD are extremely uncommon and many users claim to experience no side effects at all. Even in high doses, CBD is considered non-toxic for humans.